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OPEN HOUSE: November 5th!
This November marks the 3rd year anniversary of Thunder Bay Naturopathic Clinic. Please join us for an open house on Wednesday November 5th, from 4 to 7 p.m at 219 Algoma Street South. We will be offering beverages and light snacks, as well as demos of the various health services that are available at our clinic.

Please feel free to invite your friends, family and colleagues. We look forward to seeing you at this special celebration. We owe our success to clients like you, so please accept our sincere gratitude for your support.
Jessica, Tracy and the rest of the TBNC team!


Fall time
The weather is turning cooler, school is in full swing and viruses are on the move! Book an appointment with your Naturopathic Doctor to keep your immune system strong and your energy level high as we move into Autumn.
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About your health
Naturopathic Pain Management
By Jordan Sokoloski, ND
There is no denying that pain is a disagreeable experience that we all hope to avoid whenever possible. However, despite our aversion to it, more than 50 million North Americans experience chronic pain including back pain, headache and joint pain caused by arthritis. While pain often serves a purpose, like warning of an injury, too often pain is experienced long term and without an easily identifiable cause.
Researchers are only now beginning to understand the complex and multidimensional nature of pain. Our perception of pain involves not just our awareness of it, but also our body’s response to it. This response is mediated by many complicated and interconnected pathways in the body and is collectively known as "nociception". The impact of pain is further complicated by the social, emotional, and psychological factors which are especially prevalent when dealing with chronic pain.
Read more in our latest newsletter about chronic pain and what naturopathic docters can do to help.
Alternatively, call the Clinic at 683-7287 to book a free 10 minute consultation with Jordan Sokoloski, our newest ND who has special training in pain management and rehabilitation.

Naturopathic Fertility-boosting and Pre-conception Care
By Jessica Carfagnini, ND
While it's true that some women get pregnant easily once they decide it's time to have a baby, many others are left "trying" for months or even years without any success. This can be extremely difficult emotionally, physically and financially, especially when medical interventions such as IVF (in vitro fertilization) are called upon. Naturopathic medicine can help both women and men to optimize their fertility and increase their chances of conceiving while also setting the stage for a healthy pregnancy and baby. As a naturopathic doctor, I strive to address the root cause of the infertility, remove any obstacles to conception, and develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient. There are a vast number of tools that I use to help my patients boost their fertility and prepare for a healthy pregnancy.
Read more about those tools in our latest newsletter.

Updates on services and seminars
Course FULL! Please call the Clinic to get your name on the waiting list for the next course. If you are curious and want to know more, Dawn Blessing would be happy to answer your questions. She's available at the Clinic every Monday.
This Fall, Dawn Blessing will be offering a course "Mindfulness and Compassion in Everyday life". None of us can go through life without pain or suffering, but it does not have to define us. Research on mindfulness and self-compassion has shown that these practices can reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and boost happiness and joy. Now isn't that a chance worth taking?
The course runs from September 29 to November 10, 2014 (no class October 13th), Mondays from 6:30-8:30 PM.

Please call the Clinic to sign up. Click here for more info on the course.

Intravenous vitamin and mineral treatments
We are now offering intravenous vitamin and mineral treatments as complementary care for chronic infections, chronic fatigue, cancer and other conditions. Please call and set up a free 10 minute consultation with Dr. Carfagnini to find out more.

Feldenkrais sessions are now available at Thunder Bay Naturopathic Clinic!
Are you dealing with acute or chronic pain of the back, neck, shoulders, hips or knees? Coping with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or the effects of a stroke? Feldenkrais Method addresses a variety of physical challenges, and also helps enhance self-image. To find out more about Oliver Reimer and Feldenkrais Method, click here or call the Clinic to book a session.

acupunctureCedar Grove Community Acupuncture Clinic now open at 219 Algoma St. South!
Cedar Grove is the first community acupuncture clinic in Thunder Bay, and offers acupuncture treatments in a comfortable group setting. You may wonder how this model works. Check out the website for all the details.

You can pay anywhere between $20 and $45, HST included, for an acupuncture treatment. If you are interested in booking an appointment at Cedar Grove Community Acupuncture Clinic or would like to check the hours of operation, visit the website or call (807) 286-0118.

Free Seminars
Our Naturopathic Doctors offer FREE seminars on various health related issues! If you would like to schedule an interactive seminar for your workplace or community group, please get in touch with us. Common topics for these presentations include "What is Naturopathic Medicine?" "Taking Care of your Immune System" and "Managing Stress". We are always happy to address other health topics that may be of interest to your group as well.

Thunder Bay Naturopathic Clinic days of operation
Tracy Cook, ND: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Jessica Carfagnini, ND: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday (IVs available Monday and Thursday mornings)

Jordan Sokoloski, ND: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Trish Eaton, RMT: Monday through Friday.

For Your Health
Tea Did you know...
Most extended health care benefits cover Naturopathic services?

The advantages of green tea
Green tea contains many beneficial polyphenols, including the heavily studied ECGC. Research has shown that green tea, and ECGC can minimize inflammation, help control cholesterol levels, reduce the spread of cancer, and contribute to the maintenance of balanced blood sugar levels. If you are a coffee drinker, consider switching to green tea. If you do not currently consume caffeinated beverages, look for a caffeine-free green tea.

Make an appointment with one of our Naturopathic Doctors to find out which natural treatments are safe and appropriate for you.

Thunder Bay Naturopathic Clinic

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